Getting a B isn't good enough anymore

We want to give your student a fighting chance to reach his or her full potential and seek out the best possible higher education choices for his or her future. We are making quality, in-person, one-on-one tutoring affordable and accessible. Once a luxury only for the rich, we are committed to connecting high school students who need help in math and science with proven, tested college students and recent grads who want to help. Our easy to use platform matches your student's tutoring needs with screened, quality tutors who are eager to help your student. Best of all, our online platform allows us to charge you less and pay the tutors more. High value for the parent. Great opportunity for the tutor.

Why I started was launched out of total frustration. I was not qualified to tutor my high school student in math or science. Really not qualified! As I navigated the tutoring landscape, I soon realized that there was no simple way to find a qualified, motivated tutor for my student. There are plenty of franchise operations out there that charge high fees, ask for large commitments, but pay low wages to their tutors, many of whom did not attend noteworthy universities or even study math and science at an advanced, college level--totally uninspiring and very low in value. On the other side, there are the usual online bulletin boards and online tutor sites that demand that the parent screen and certify the tutor. Not a serious option. The prices vary widely, and there is no reasonable, satisfying way for the parent to make a qualified decision. Lastly, there is the referral: one unqualified parent to another. Maybe good, maybe bad, but then that tutor you finally hire forgets to tell you he has vacation plans the week before finals. Now your student and you are scrambling to find a solution. That's why we started

We screen the tutors for you, we oversee their schedules and track your student's progress, and when needed, we provide substitutes. Best of all, we do it at all at a reasonable price.

Phil Del Rivo

Founder and CEO

Book a great tutor in minutes

You can find and schedule a great, in-person tutor for your high school student in minutes, just…

  • Tell us what STEM course your student needs help mastering.
  • Review qualified, screened tutors available in your area.
  • Click thru and make your payment and you're booked.

Our tutor will arrive on time, prepared and in our snazzy, trademarked polo. He or she will log your student's progress. You can log on to review your tutor's notes and provide feedback. You can rate your tutor, and you can contact us with any questions, concerns or comments. Most importantly, your session is always guaranteed.* If you are not happy for any reason, we'll refund your payment (see details).

Every tutor is screened by us

We recruit our tutors from elite colleges, universities and alumni associations. All of our tutors have undergone a background check, academic certification and have been personally screened by us. No one can just sign up on our website and start tutoring. We provide instruction to the tutors in our best-practices and track parent feedback and student performance.

Need help? We're here to answer your call right away.

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